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All elections to all offices shall be contested by citizens of Zambia and shall be by secret ballot and winning by simple majority. Each member eligible to vote shall be entitled to only one vote. This shall take place during the General Conference.

To be eligible to contest an Executive Council Position the candidate must have been a bona fide member for a continuous period of five years and three years for an ordinary council membership prior to such appointment.

Ballot papers shall be given to all bona fide members during the Annual General Meeting of the election year.

Duly cast ballot papers shall be returned to the Returning Officer for counting not later than 12.00 noon on the Date of the Annual General Meeting (General Assembly).

The Returning Officer shall be appointed by the Executive Council and shall be a person of good public standing who shall be notified to the electorate before giving out nomination papers.

The Returning Officer shall use laid down guidelines in conducting the Elections as stipulated under the voting procedure.

After the Election the Returning Officer shall announce loudly and table the results duly signed by him and his assistants in the presence of/ and witnessed by at least two members present. Election assistants shall be appointed by the Executive Council.


1.1. A bona fide member shall be validly nominated if his/her nomination is supported by five members

1.2 Nominations and consent forms to serve shall be sent by the General Secretary to reach the Executive Council at least two months before the Annual General meeting (General Assembly).

1.3 No member shall consent to be nominated for more than two Council offices but may consent to be nominated as a Council Member if executive positions fail.

1.4 In the event of no valid nominations being received, nominations shall be accepted from members present before the Annual General Meeting (General Assembly) as first item agenda. Members present may elect the previous council to continue in office for one other year for a maximum of three (3) times.


2.1 Each Ballot Paper shall have a form with names of all Candidates and space to cast vote.

2.2 Each Ballot Paper shall be numbered with security number and sent only to bona fide members for the year of election.

2.3 Each voter shall cast the vote in private or place the Ballot in a self addressed envelope and return to reach the appointed Returning Officer or venue on or before 12.00 Noon on the day of the Annual General Meeting or any other date so appointed prior to elections.

2.4 Each Ballot paper shall bear the date and time, deadline as well as place of nomination.


3.1 The Executive council shall appoint the Returning Officer and Two Tellers
(assistants) who shall be non-members.

3.2 The physical counting and Security of the Ballot shall be the sole responsibility of the Returning Officer.

3.3 The Executive committee shall specify the date and place of counting the votes.

3.4 In the event of any member(s) receiving an equal number of votes for any office the outgoing President shall have a casting vote at the AGM. Where the outgoing President seeks a re-appointment, He/She shall not have a casting vote.

3.5 Any member may seek for a recount in the event of an objection of the announced results at the Annual General Meeting (General Assembly).

3.6 In the event that upon a re-count the result is not different from the original results, a third and final recount shall be carried out in the presence of all members present.

3.7 No petition shall be accepted after the re-count.

3.8 The Returning Officer shall sign and announce the election results and winners for their respective offices.

3.9 All ballot papers shall be retained for a period not exceeding six months by the council and shall be destroyed thereafter.

3.10 This Election procedures shall apply wherever ZOS is to be represented